SWOT Questionnaire

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What are Cheshire’s STRENGTHS relative to: How we deliver value for consumers? Creating lasting relationships with stakeholders? Consistently move with greater agility relative to the sector? Creating engagement with our employees?
What are WEAKNESSES relative to: Delivering the service attributes and performance most important to consumers? Staying well ahead of the sector’s most important strategic moves? Being a leading advocate for consumers? Cultivating a workforce with the greatest potential to deliver quality service to consumers?
What are OPPORTUNITIES relative to: Consumer needs that we have yet to address? Better supporting employees in delivering on consumer needs? Entering new mission areas where Cheshire may have an advantage? Better capturing the best consumer services that are not currently within Cheshire’s portfolio?
What are THREATS relative to: Emerging private competitors not playing by the same rules Cheshire and other nonprofit players do? External forces beyond our influence that are redefining the sector? Gaps consumers perceive in how we deliver on services? Systems and processes that are working fine, but whose failure could readily jeopardize future success?