Moutonco Ltd.
by Jean-Paul Mouton

Our Services

Innovative Strategy


Our Manifesto


1. Create Shared Value

We believe our clients, our communities and our environment all benefit we create shared value. We achieve this by developing and implementing innovative business strategies that foster social and environmental impact, supported by sustainable revenue models. Taking a systemic approach, we enhance the reach of our clients across industries, sectors and border by fostering collaborations and brokering deals that lead to greater impact, efficiency and effectiveness.


2. Follow the Data

To measure is to know; hence our work is hallmarked by clearly defined indicators and metrics. We ensure that we capture, analyze and synthesize research information on our client's operations to draw out the key insights of what is and isn't working, and where, for example, sustainable business approaches can replace the shortfall of traditional funding methods. We then use this research to forecast program and organizational outcomes, make financial projections and evaluate ROI.

3. Sustainability is Key

We're just as passionate about sustainable consulting as we are about sustainable business. We believe consultants should provide lasting value to an organization, not simply deliver reports. Thus we assist with the tough, but critical decisions about direction, goals and resources. Our focus is on providing progressive expertise, facilitation and ongoing support to our clients as they manage organizational changes and financial restructuring, supporting leaders as they implement, even through adversity.


Our Process - Design Thinking

Design Thinking.png

Our process is rooted within Design Thinking - a method for creating new and innovative ideas that can be applied across a wide variety of contexts, experiences, and challenges. It is both a powerful problem-solving philosophy and a rigorous methodology that readily provides a framework for creative management consulting. The key tenet of our philosophy involves looking at a problem through the eyes of the people who experience it, which results in the benefit of actionable insights about unmet needs and untapped opportunities. Our approach seeks to understand not just what people are doing, but their motivations too; thereby discovering the emotional, psychological, and functional needs that shape behaviors. Such an approach leads to breakthroughs that build the foundation of new products, systems, services.

Our work is a constantly evolving. Primarily we help our clients identify areas of opportunity, where strategic initiatives can address new needs within a market or mission. Often we find such opportunities where emerging stakeholder behaviors are driving a need for innovative responses from companies or nonprofits operating within the sector. Fundamentally, we are focussed on accelerating this innovation. After the identification process, our work is usually characterized by rapid ideation and the development of a social enterprise, CSR, product or service idea into a fully fledged business or mission unit. We empower our clients to quickly design and deploy prototypes to find what works best, while simultaneously ensuring the sustainability of the models we develop. Once we're ready to implement, we are able to gear up and scale the project, birthing new social brands and fostering social entrepreneurship. The end result is focussed on achieving real, systemic change; it's more than simply creating a new business, it's also about fulfilling the challenge to be the change we wish to see in the world. If this resonates with your brand, lets talk about how your organization can build a better world.


Our Practice Areas



We see strategy as so much more than a just a three year plan. Does your strategy guide how you allocate your resources? Can every employee in your organization articulate your strategy and are they empowered to execute on it? If not, we need to talk. Since our founding, strategy has been our core business. We work with our clients to develop strategies that deliver results, building tailored solutions that achieve sustained impact.
Its no secret that we live in uncertain times, and now, more than ever, we need bold leadership from our nonprofits, educational institutions and local governments, yet we often find that so many of these organizations tend toward timidity and inertia. We empower our clients to make bold moves that unlock new sources of impact and growth.
Before making the right moves, great strategy begins with in-depth analysis using a design thinking approach. From here we take our clients on an immersive journey where leadership teams grapple with the issues facing their organizations, integrating a range of stakeholder perspectives, and challenging their beliefs. We follow through with planning that reallocates resources—people, money, and management—to achieve maximum impact growth.  This process can be challenging, but it creates the deep conviction people need if they are to commit to achieving new horizons.


When it comes to sustainability and CSR, we've shown that successful, organizations are those who are able to embed sustainable principles in the very core of their strategy, operations and culture. Our work with our private and public sector clients enables them to do just that, first by  identifying opportunities and then through rapid ideation to develop robust business models which, once implemented, result in ongoing and increasing, sustainable shared value.
Many organizations find themselves involved in unfocused, unambitious initiatives that are far removed from their core competencies and frontline realities. Our services are focussed on helping organizations craft informed sustainability strategy that passes the triple-bottom-test, demonstrating a clear return on investment and revenue growth while promoting environmental and social impact, and meaningful stakeholder engagement. The journey can be transformational, prompting organizations to redefine what it means to be a leader in their sector.

Marketing & Stakeholder Strategy

An organization's stakeholders are, without question, its richest resource for growth opportunities. It is no surprise then that leading organizations are those that work with an outside-in perspective. We assist by developing in-depth customer and stakeholder insights, and combining these with our practical expertise in operations, marketing, customer experience, and ethical pricing strategy to deliver sustainable growth. 
Building a bridge between an organization's mission, through it's strategy and on to exceptional customer experiences is our focus. We help our clients understand customer needs and behaviors, through a design thinking orientation which results in actionable insights. We follow through by helping to break down the barriers to innovation and putting in place the mechanisms required for ongoing stakeholder-led product and service development. We help organizations align their marketing and brand strategy with their overarching mission objectives; ensuring that their marketing dollars are generating the highest possible revenue or funding returns, and moreover building a loyal advocate base and a trusted image.
Some of our most important work with nonprofits and social enterprises surrounds pricing and helping organizations to leverage this source of revenue growth though equitable, sustainable methods. 

Missions & Operations

We help reimagine your operations with a focus on increasing impact, streamlining processes and delivering on your strategy. Throughout we keep our stakeholder focus that is hallmark of our approach, ensuring that your services and operations are always tailored to customer needs, and aimed at leveraging the power of shared value. The result is improved service quality and higher stakeholder loyalty.
Our analytical strength always informs our work, beginning with our clients’ capabilities and current performance as well as their mission objectives. From this departure point we work to foster an end-to-end view of customer interactions, breaking down the silos that typically exist within organizations. Such a perspective allows us to determine what truly matters to customers and how our clients can improve those interactions, culminating in superior customer experiences in both digital and physical environments, that support increased impact, cost management and returns. Moutonco goes beyond the processes of your operations to address questions of organizational culture, management, and employe engagement.

Transformation & Change Management

Whatever the cause, be it ever dwindling funding sources, disruptive new technologies, or changing stakeholder demands, in today's fast paced world, organizational transformation isn’t a maybe, it’s an imperative for every leadership team to constantly evaluate. Our aim is to help our clients manage their changes  in ways that deliver measurable increased impact.
Change programs can take many forms, from moderate restructuring to full-scale model changes like the move from nonprofit to social enterprise. What our clients all have in common is the need to escape the status quo in order to survive and grow. Our work focusses on defining a bold vision for how an organization need to change, based on our in-depth research and evaluation of its capabilities and resources, and external opportunities and threats. We help our clients to translate this vision into a total organizational roadmap with clear communications and engagement plans to keep employees motivated. 

Finance & Funding

We take an integrated view of organizational finance, focused on linking finance and funding requirements to impact. We know that, at its heart, strategy is about making critical decisions concerning the allocation of scarce resources. It is about understanding the true drivers of your organization's impact and making sure that the resources are available to maximize on both mission delivery and new opportunities.
We work together with CFOs to create and deliver impact-based financial planning that ensures a focus on shared value creation, while incorporating overall strategy, business planning, resource allocation, performance management, and operating models. Our team also includes experts in the field of nonprofit fundraising. We’ve helped our clients secure funding from both public and private sources by writing distinctive grant proposals that rise to the top of the pile. Our services include grant research, proposal writing, application compliance, grant reporting and holistic fundraising planning.
We have an unwavering commitment always to do the right thing by our clients, our people, and our communities. For this reason, we ensure that our fees for our financial and funding consulting services are never contingent on closing any transactions that we may be involved with on behalf of our clients.


Without question, innovation is challenging frontier for all organizations. According to the Boston Consulting Group, nearly three-quarters of business executives say it’s a top priority for their companies, yet just 20% believe they are advantaged to deliver on the promise of new opportunities. Similarly, nonprofits simply cannot grow without some commitment to innovation. Indeed, organizational change and innovation are absolutely critical factors for higher impact among nonprofits.
In order to harness the power inherent in innovation, we help our clients approach the concept from a systemic perspective. We work to combine a design thinking strategy for where and how to innovate with a fast, agile, and lean development process that efficiently transforms ideas into impact and growth. We assist nonprofit leadership in providing their organizations with platforms that foster process- and design-based innovation. We've found that putting these system in place has often resulted in sustained patterns of growth and renewed birth for organizations.

Technology & Digital Design

Across every sector and in every industry, technology is disrupting the status quo. It is embedded in products and services, has become an essential part of countless organizational processes, and even become the vehicle of service delivery. The questions for today's leaders are: How can we harness the potential of digital innovation, how can technology support our organization's core mission, and how can we use technology to reduce complexity, risk and costs?
The digital revolution isn't just about powerful new technologies. Top organizations are also discovering that it involves creating a culture of innovation and freeing people to explore and experiment with new ideas and possibilities. This is where Moutonco's practice areas interconnect and where our expertise creates a real edge for our clients.
Technological advancement also means reaching out to customers in new ways, particularly online. We are a unique firm in that we have an in-house design studio aimed squarely at helping our clients to create engaging digital touch-points. Design is more than merely pleasing the eye. It’s a function of deeply understanding customers in order to better meet their needs and delight them through their interactions with an organization. For this reason Moutonco Design combines robust analytics, inspired creatives, and leading industry expertise to deliver digital solutions for our clients that create value for their customers.

People & Organizations

Some organizations have wonderful cultures. They are able to accomplish their impact objectives with engaged and happy employees. This is by no means the norm: Research indicates that in the private sector, just 20 percent of companies achieve this level. We help our clients to create high-performance cultures, develop engaged and inspired employees, and put the right leaders in the right positions.
An effective culture can give organizations the edge that sets them apart. Our aim is to address the organizational difficulties and barriers to performance that prevent our clients from achieving this harmony. As always, we first begin with analytic and diagnostic functions that help our clients determine where their organization is strong, where it is weak and, most critically, which outcomes matter most for generating increased impact. Then we help design and implement operating models that translate this impact focus into a passion for performance.In many cases, our work is supported by developing change management capabilities, and the flexibility to embrace new ways of working in an age of constant disruption.


Moutonco consultants work on-site with our clients to help them bring our co-created strategies to life. In working side-by-side in this manner we've taken the ultimate step in standing by our work. Clients who partner with us through an implementation phase find that they get lasting results faster, backed by measurable improvements in impact metrics. 
Our focus is on strengthening and align leadership teams in support of strategy, managing financial departments, creating innovation teams, fostering sustainability initiatives, implementing marketing plans, managing digital and technological changes, and building organizational culture, particularly through building capabilities and supportive coaching.
Our approach builds on a track record of going beyond recommendations to assist clients with pilots and transformation programs.