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When you have a goal that lies outside the scope of your organization's core competencies, you need an expert partner to facilitate and accelerate your success; this is the crux of our agency. Our business is built on providing the strategic expertise required by our clients in the social public, and education sectors, as they face new challenges and opportunities. We understand that the primary role of a leader is to manage scarce, and often dwindling resources to deliver long term sustainable value. Moutonco has been built around supporting teams to achieve this goal.

Our philosophy is based on the notion of shared value. We've proven that combining our business and social acumen with a deep understanding of our clients' operations and missions results in solutions that create harmony between people, the planet and profits. Our practice areas combine to provide our clients with the data, tools, culture, capacity and expertise needed to unleash the power of social enterprise. Our process involves deriving clarity and developing critical insights that convert challenges into strategic opportunities. We facilitate and support the implementation of the bold new visions we co-create through capability-building.

Moutonco is a a unique agency, operating as an associate collective, with deep, broad expertise. We support global and regional clients through our associates in the Americas, Africa, and Asia and frequently partner to leverage cross-geography, and cross-sector expertise. Our reach allows us to distill insights through in-person primary research in markets around the world. 

Whether you lead a non-profit that is facing decreased funding, a university seeking to engage it's community, a business looking to leverage and grow its CSR potential, or if you're an entrepreneur seeking to make a living while making a difference, Moutonco can help. When your organization is reaching for new horizons, we're ready to partner with you every step of the way.

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Practice Areas



We see strategy as so much more than a just a three year plan. Does your strategy guide how you allocate your resources? Can every employee in your organization articulate your strategy and are they empowered to execute on it? If not, we need to talk. Since our founding, strategy has been our core business. We work with our clients to develop strategies that deliver results, building tailored solutions that achieve sustained impact. 
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When it comes to sustainability and CSR, we've shown that successful, organizations are those who are able to embed sustainable principles in the very core of their strategy, operations and culture. Our work with our private and public sector clients enables them to do just that, first by  identifying opportunities and then through rapid ideation to develop robust business models which, once implemented, result in ongoing and increasing sustainable shared value.
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Marketing & Stakeholder Strategy

An organization's stakeholders are, without question, its richest resource for growth opportunities. It is no surprise then that leading organizations are those that work with an outside-in perspective. We assist by developing in-depth customer and stakeholder insights, and combining these with our practical expertise in operations, marketing, customer experience, and ethical pricing strategy to deliver sustainable growth.
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Missions & Operations

We help reimagine your operations with a focus on increasing impact, streamlining processes and delivering on your strategy. Throughout we keep our stakeholder focus that is hallmark of our approach, ensuring that your services and operations are always tailored to customer needs, and aimed at leveraging the power of shared value. The result is improved service quality and higher stakeholder loyalty.
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Transformation & Change Management

Whatever the cause, be it ever dwindling funding sources, disruptive new technologies, or changing stakeholder demands, in today's fast paced world, organizational transformation isn’t a maybe, it’s an imperative for every leadership team to constantly evaluate. Our aim is to help our clients manage their changes  in ways that deliver measurable increased impact.
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Finance & Funding

We take an integrated view of organizational finance, focused on linking finance and funding requirements to impact. We know that, at its heart, strategy is about making critical decisions concerning the allocation of scarce resources. It is about understanding the true drivers of your organization's impact and making sure that the resources are available to maximize on both mission delivery and new opportunities.
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Without question, innovation is challenging frontier for all organizations. According to BCG, nearly three-quarters of business executives say it’s a top priority for their companies, yet just 20% believe they are advantaged to deliver on the promise of new opportunities. Similarly, nonprofits simply cannot grow without some commitment to innovation. Indeed, organizational change and innovation are absolutely critical factors for higher impact among nonprofits. 
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Technology & Digital Design

Across every sector and in every industry, technology is disrupting the status quo. It is embedded in products and services, has become an essential part of countless organizational processes, and even become the vehicle of service delivery. The questions for today's leaders are: How can we harness the potential of digital innovation, how can technology support our organization's core mission, and how can we use technology to reduce complexity, risk and costs?
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People & Organizations

Some organizations have wonderful cultures. They are able to accomplish their impact objectives, and their employees are engaged and happy. This is by no means the norm: Research indicates that in the private sector, just 20 percent of companies achieve this level. We help our clients to create high-performance cultures, develop engaged and inspired employees, and put the right leaders in the right positions.
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Moutonco consultants work on-site with our clients to help them bring our co-created strategies to life. In working side-by-side in this manner we've taken the ultimate step in standing by our work. Clients who partner with us through an implementation phase find that they get lasting results faster, backed by measurable improvements in impact metrics. 
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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead

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